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5.8G 3Dbi 4 Leaf Rhcp Mini Fpv Antenna Tx/rx Sma/rp-Sma

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5.8G 3dBi 4 Leaf RHCP Mini FPV Antenna TX/RX SMA/RP-SMA Specification: Gain: 3DBi SWR: <1.2 Impedance: 50 Antenna weight: 10g Antenna material: copper Maximum power: 50 Watt 3dB vertical lobe width: 120 3dB horizontal lobe width: 360 Connector type: RP-SMA / SMA Lightning Protection: DC Grounded The frequency range :5600-5950 MHz Polarization mode: Circular polarization RHCP Antenna size: 60 35mm (feeder length 35mm) Features: High strength Structure, small, anti-fried Can be bent at any angle High-quality non-slip thermal control Package included: 1 x 5.8G 3dBi 4 Leaf Antenna