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Child Native American Shoes

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Long before fancy modern hiking boots came along and allowed the wilderness to be explored in cozy, supportive, waterproof comfort, Native Americans, as well as many settlers, wore moccasins to protect their feet during their travels


At first, it looks like soft moccasins wouldn't provide as much protection as a new, heavy rubber bottomed boot

But moccasins kept the wearer's feet safe and dry, and unlike hi-tech boots, actually let the wearer feel the ground under their feet! Shoes with the distinct style of moccasins, like these exclusive Native American Shoes, can add plenty of unique detail to an old fashioned costume

These faux suede costume shoes are inspired by moccasins built and worn by Native American tribes, and feature matching fringes and anti-skid soles

They will make great footwear for your little one's Native American inspired costume, mountain trapper outfit, and many other rustic historical costumes