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Kose - Moisture Mild Milky Lotion 160Ml

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Brand from Japan: Kose


After use, tighten the cap properly

Focusing on the needs of women who wish to be friendly to the skin, get it all the time, it is a brand aiming for high-quality moisturizing care

High moisturizing ingredient formulation to increase skin density

High moisturizing lift W collagen Keeps the skin surface stiff and keeps moisture

How to use Cleansing / facial cleansing Lotion water Latex this product Use in the order of cream

It is soft and comfortable to use like soft and smooth milky lotion

Keeps moist all the way in

Kose R D Laboratories, which continues to study women's beauty and skin, is developing it

Long-term moisture sustained prescription

Moisture mild enhances the moisture environment necessary for the skin

Moisture retention component NHF, glycerin

Moisturizing is included and the firmness of the skin continues

Permeable micro hyaluronic acid AA moisturizing

Skin that tends to dry repeatedly is in a state where the component that carries moisture in the stratum corneum is lost and it is hollowed out sky

Take an appropriate amount in the palm of your hand and make it to the skin

The highly moisturizing ingredients reach the stratum corneum, followed by moist, plump and firmness

Weak acidity, no fragrance, no coloring, mineral oil, non alcohol ethyl alcohol

When content is difficult to reach, put the mouth of the container on the palm of your hand, take out with lightly tapping.