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Iittala Aarre Papaver Glass Wall Knob By Aalto & Aalto

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The unique wall jewel collection, Aarre, showcases the glass-art expertise for which Iittala is so famous


These unique, mouth-blown decorative wall knobs are a premium collectible for a small art gallery at home

They are also functional by hanging personal belongings on them you can create a wall of memories.Aarre wall knobs creates new possibilities for displaying personal thingsAarre wall knobs are easy to assemble on the wall and they hold 5kg of weightTwo 2 screws and instructions are included inside the packageEvery piece is mouth blown and therefore unique with a glass blower touch and designer inspiration behindGift packed in a beautiful round tube which makes them a perfect gift for someone specialDimensions 4.25-in diameter x 3.75-in depth 100 x 93 mm Made in Finland